10 Habits You Should Keep Doing After The Lockdown


It’s been weeks since we’ve entered this unprecedented situation of: social distancing, lockdown and quarantine orders. The daily lifestyles of Filipinos have clearly shifted and we have become a more technologically resourceful society.

Let’s be honest – there’s a lot we took for granted before COVID-19 was posed as a health crisis. Whether it was hugging our loved ones, getting a haircut, or merely visiting the supermarket without going to the alcohol aisle in a haste. The things we once took for granted have, perhaps, changed some semblance of our perspective.

And as we hope for better days to come, we’ve rounded up one simple question:

“What habits should we continue to adapt after quarantine orders are lifted?”

By this point, it’s safe to say life after quarantine probably won’t be the way we imagine it. Sure enough, restrictions will be gradually lifted, and businesses and schools will be slowly reopened but the fight against this virus is a long-term race. The outlook now appears bleak and a new set of normalcy emerge but there will be many learning experiences as we get past this pandemic.

With the knowledge we have today, allow us to point out some of the best measures you should adapt post-quarantine.

1. Wear a face mask.

When the enhanced community quarantine is lifted, it will not be because the pandemic is “over” or that the virus has “disappeared”, it will be because the number of new infections per day has decreased enough to allow people to go out.

Until a vaccine is developed and made readily available, we have to remain careful. Given the characteristics of the novel coronavirus, it is easy to overlook the risks of a new outbreak. This is why we should take self-initiative to protect ourselves from the virus even when the lockdown is raised.

Wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times to protect yourself from contacting viruses. Avoid touching the mask while using it and replace it with a new one as soon as it is damp. Also, always remember to remove it from behind before discarding in a closed bin.