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10 Must-Try Hot Chocolates In Ayala Center, Makati

10 Must-Try Hot Chocolates In Ayala Center, Makati


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With the long-awaited rainy season underway, who’d say no to a good cup of hot chocolate?

You’re tired from your long day at work, and the air is just a bit chilly with the onset of rain. It’s too late for some coffee now, so cozy up with some of the most dependable, dark, and different cups of chocolate around Salcedo Village, Legaspi Village, and the Greenbelt-Glorietta complex.

1. Cafe Mary Grace (P184), Legaspi Village, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 2

Let’s start off with the most accessible: Cafe Mary Grace is everywhere, so it has two branches in Legaspi Village, one in Glorietta 4, and one in Greenbelt 2.

It might seem surprising that Mary Grace Hot Chocolate has made this list, given that it’s so ordinary.

But that’s precisely the charm of Mary Grace Hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate is exactly what hot chocolate should be: made with Belgian chocolate and a dash of whipped cream, this drink is simple, sweet, a bit rich, and ultimately homey. If traffic’s gonna keep you from home for a few more hours on a rainy night, this is the cup of hot chocolate blended and brewed just for you.

Alternatively, Mary Grace also offers seven other versions of hot chocolate, varying from orange cream, peppermint, cinnamon and chilli, tsoknut, and white chocolate.

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And just like that, it’s February. ♥️

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