10 Pinoy Actors That Made Our Hearts Pound During The 90s

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Some people might not remember who these matinee idols are but your moms, aunties, and possibly your elder sister might have been head over heels with at least one heartthrob from this list.

To name a few Pinoy actors from the 90s that have been snatching ladies’ hearts before, here are ten of them that we believe will make your jaw drop because of their appeal and strikingly attractive talents.

1. Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo started his career as a dancer before being discovered by ABS-CBN during the mid-90s. He was a part of a band called ‘Blow’ where he played as Captain Mongrel.

Diether later on became a member of the second batch for Star Circle and had his first movie appearance in the movie adaptation of the famous teen television show program, Ang TV.

His latest project was ABS-CBN’s Bagani where he plays the character of Apo.


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