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10 Pinoy Indie Songs That Will Remain On Loop In Your Playlist

10 Pinoy Indie Songs That Will Remain On Loop In Your Playlist


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Have you ever experienced hearing a randomly relatable, chill, and simply attention-catching, fantastic, and wonderful song that’s playing on the local radio?

It’s no lie that all those hidden gems and treasures from the music industry are hidden beneath heaps of songs that contain nothing but nonsensical lyrics that are way too repetitive for comfort? We’re tired, too. Totally been there, done that. High five, fam! You are not alone.

So, we brought together ten songs from the Filipino indie music scene that you’ll totally fall in love with at first listen and are sure to remain in your playlist. Get ready to chill.

1. Brisom – Siglon

On January 13, 2018, pride-loving synthwave pop band Brisom has finally released the studio version of their single 'Siglon' and blessed humanity with another "heart-loving, heart-stopping" song.

'Siglon' is an electro-pop track that talks about how there will be better tomorrows (is this not right, though?) despite the trouble you've gone through or currently going through, the sun will always rise tomorrow to give you a brand new hope.

With the song's catchy and cheery vibe, it is sure to make you forget about all the dark days of your past.

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