Tuesday, June 22, 2021

10 Things To Do When You’re Just Stressed Out

10 Things To Do When You’re Just Stressed Out


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It’s a hard situation to be in: your eyes hurt, fingers sore and you’ve only managed to do one workload from your mountain of things to do and four hours have already passed.

Everything pisses you off, even when someone asks you gently. You’re just tired of your academics or work and you just want a lights off and go to sleep. But sleeping doesn’t fix your stressed out problem; because you know you’d have to stress about it again when you’re up and about.

Looking for things to do when you’re just so stressed out? Check these out:

1. Call a friend or someone you love

One of the best things about being human is that our senses stimulate memories. Call your best friend or your parents and talk to them like you always do. Talk about any topic (expect the work or subject that’s stressing you out, of course) and you’d be surprised that all you needed was the sound of their laugh.

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