Tuesday, June 22, 2021

‘Beyond Call Of Duty’: Security Guard Saves Boy From Burning Car

‘Beyond Call Of Duty’: Security Guard Saves Boy From Burning Car


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A Security Guard from Davao City becomes an instant superhero after he is seen on CCTV footage saving a three-year-old boy away from a burning car in a mall.

Today’s “Living Hero” is SG Kenneth Brian Cangke, who was commended for his bravery and heroic act and receives a plaque of recognition from the Bureau of Fire Protection Region XI.

The incident was happened on March 4th, when the security guard was seen on CCTV (closed-circuit television) in a rush to catch the smoke coming out from a car parked in a distance.

After being shocked by what he had seen, the SG quickly opened the car’s door and took out the child, and safely brought him to a safe place.

A kid was left inside the Volkswagen car because kids are not allowed to enter any establishments and to ensure they’re away from any unwanted diseases, parents were left with a difficult choice to leave their kids sometimes alone in the car. And this was what happened to the three-year-old child. However, this alternative has even threatened the child’s safety.

The SG came back with a fire extinguisher in his hand to douse the fire. Because of his quick response, he has prevented further explosions from happening. These were all seen on CCTV.

“The Bureau of Fire Protection XI acknowledges the dedication and act of bravery of our living heroes risking their lives for the safety of others and doing beyond the call of duty,” the BFP wrote on a Facebook post.

“The bravery of SG Kenneth Brian S Cangke was commended as he valiantly saved a 3-year old boy from a vehicular fire last March 4, 2021. Upon seeing that the fire already intensified, he immediately secured and rescued the child out of the burning car carrying him to a safe location. After which he took a fire extinguisher and alertly aimed its nozzle to the burning part of the car,” the BFP added.


The BFP has reminded the public to always be mindful of fire safety because aside from it being unpredictable, it can also occur anywhere.

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