Saturday, September 18, 2021

Google Meet Opens Beta That Is Now Available For Workspace Customers

Google Meet Opens Beta That Is Now Available For Workspace Customers


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Google releases the open beta version of their video conferencing app Google Meet in Glass device to all workspace (formerly G suite) users.

“Any Google Workspace customer around the world can now give their employees, suppliers, and partners greater sight with Glass—using the simple and intuitive Google Meet environment they’re already used to. With Meet on Glass, meeting participants can experience a first-person view of the Glass wearer’s perspective and collaborate with the entire video meeting in real time,” Google described in their official site.

What this augmented reality headset promised as it released the app is that it will make it easier for every user to solve hard problems. Workspace users can use the app to connect with other users regardless of their device, bringing in the same experience as done in the mobile app or desktop version.

Users of Glass can see in their view the ongoing conference as the other people in the conference see in real time what the user is exactly doing. This makes it easier and more effective for the users when trying to get some real time feedback from co-workers who are based in different locations.

“When combined with our Google meet hardware and peripherals, the possibilities for real-time connection and problem solving are even greater. And it’s part of our ongoing commitment to creating innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together,” Google added.

The open beta version is available for Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

The Meet team is now working with Google Workspace partners to launch the app in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Japan through their partnership with NTT DOCOMO.


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