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Iloilo Short Film Bags Award In Germany

Iloilo Short Film Bags Award In Germany


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Elvert Bañares, a Filipino Indie Film Director, bags an award in Germany for his short film titled ‘Ang May Akda: Ikatlong Yugto’ (The Author: Chapter Three).

Ang May Akda: Ikatlong Yugto won Extreme Scream Award in Scream Fest-Halloween Edition of Berlin Flash Film Festival 2021 on October 14.

The one-minute short film was entirely shot on his iPhone. It tells a story about an author, played by Bañares himself, who goes out of his comfort zones to fight his creative demons only to see his doppelganger and tries to kill his dead impostor by rewriting his fate.

Bañares reason-out that “In many ways, we are all exercising our own demons during these uncertain times and, through my film, I want people to help heal themselves and renew our commitment to life.”

Bañares shared this achievement on his Facebook account last October 19.

With a caption, “Our micro-film “Ang May Akda: Ikatlong Yugto” (The Author: Chapter Three) wins Extreme Scream Award for Scream Fest (Halloween Edition) of the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2021 (after competing in Canada and Denmark)!”

“We’re very thrilled by this award and we congratulate all winners! Sharing this with Doc Sis, Pretty Rhyme, Matt, Kyle, Aaron, langga Tanya, Chef Tibong, Gloven, Tee and Ms. Nat!,” he added.

It is the last part of his trilogy ‘Ang May Akda’, whereas, the first part is about the author trying to find his voice and dealing with his creative demons is revealed in the second part.

Source: https://www.berlinflashfilmfestival.com/winners/2021/october/screamfest, https://www.facebook.com/elvertbanares

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