Saturday, September 18, 2021

Pinoy FB Group Features World-Class Filipino Scientists

Pinoy FB Group Features World-Class Filipino Scientists


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Have you ever wondered what scientists do throughout the day when they are not conducting research on various phenomena or inventing new products for us? Take a look at this group to be updated with the #LabLives of our esteemed Filipino scientists.

Pinoy Scientists, a community started by Filipina astrophysicist, Reina Reyes, features primarily young Filipino scientists from various areas and from all over the world who discuss their work and exchange personal information about their life, habits, and past time.

Aside from the blog site, Pinoy Scientists also have their Facebook and Instagram profiles, where they post photos of scientists in their usual attire at work, as well as research projects and inventions that they have completed.

Pinoy Scientists also highlight scientists in their “spare time,” where they share what they do while they are not at work.

“This site shows Filipinos doing all kinds of science in all kinds of places. We hope that this helps displace outdated and unrealistic stereotypes of scientists as “white men in lab coats” or ”lone geniuses”,” Pinoy Scientists said in their blog.

Clint John Otic, an Engineering doctorate student from Japan’s Tohoku University, will be featured on Pinoy Scientist during the final week of July.

“Clint graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). After a brief stint as an instructor in the same university, Clint pursued his Master’s, and later, Ph.D. studies, in Engineering (Finmechanics) at Tohoku University,” Pinoy Scientists said, describing Otic.

Otic is recognized for his expertise in computational fluid dynamics, with a focus on rarefied gas or micro/nanoscale flows, which is the subject of Otic’s Pinoy Scientists features this week.

Apart from his academic achievements, Otic also revealed his white shoes collection, favorite movies, and other interesting details about his life outside of science.

Pinoy Scientists aspire to be an inspiration to others and as proof that being a scientist is not as difficult as it appears.

Artists and athletes are typically the ones that receive the most attention from the Filipino people. This time, Pinoy Scientists’ goal is to introduce our country’s scientists and acknowledge their achievements to society.

“Yes, we exist! Get to know us,” they said.


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