#SaIlalimNgPutingIlaw Belts Over The Net And It’s Hilarious!

What hilarity could Filipinos miss?

We have been laughing at funny puns and the out of the context pictures with memes on it or the throwback pictures that we post.

Yet another challenge craze has taken over the social media.

It is called the #SaIlalimNgPutingIlawChallenge. Peeps who are accepting the challenge will sing or at least try to reach the belting part of the last chorus of the song Buwan by Juan Karlos Labajo.

Video from JuanKarlosLabajoVEVO (Youtube)

Pinoy netizens who are singers and singers at heart or as they think to themselves have their own takes on this!

Go fun yourself with this #SaIlalimNgPutingIlawChallenge

This one’s probably the most iconic cover among the rest.

Video from Romillo Patches (Twitter)

This one seems Pun-ny.

Video from Eula Hoop (Twitter)

Sure it is hard reaching that part, but kuddos. You did great!

Video from Paul Ramirez (Twitter)

What’s your take on #SaIlalimNgPutingIlawChallenge?