The OG ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trio: Where Are They Now?


A year shy from its 20th anniversary, a Charlie’s Angels reboot has been to the public. The movie, according to top-billed actress Elizabeth Banks, is “loaded with sneaky feminist ideas”.

Well yeah, obviously. You don’t feature a diverse lineup of actresses like Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Ballinska for nothing.

Now speaking of casts, the names Cameron, Drew, and Lucy have been buzzing around since the picture was shown in the cinemas.

Cameron Diaz

You’ve last seen her play as Hannigan in Will Gluck’s 2014 film adaptation of Annie.

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Getting out of chores = the best. 😏 #100HappyDays #Day5

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But before announcing her retirement from acting in 2014, the model-turned-actress has already been an active advocate of the environment and politics.

As of today, she released 2 health books: NY Times Bestseller The Body Book (2013) and The Longevity Book (2016).

Drew Barrymore

Next is Drew Barrymore that you might have first seen alongside Adam Sandler in the rom-com 50 First Dates.

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A note from Creator and Executive Producer Victor Fresco and Executive Producer Tracy Katsky: Like our audience, we were all-in on Sheila and Joel. Their relationship, in the face of incredible adversity, was inspiring to write and to watch. Mostly, they were funny, which in a comedy is important. Working with Drew and Tim, along with the immensely talented Liv and Skyler, was a joy and a once in a lifetime experience. Netflix took a chance on this odd show and for that we will always be grateful. They were supportive, ever positive, and appreciative of our work. Until about noon [yesterday]. Still, they were just one phone call away from being a perfect studio. Not bad. Everything ends. This was a thing. And so it ended. We’ll miss it but are proud of the work we did and will always appreciate the love and enthusiasm we felt from our audience. It if was up to them, Sheila and Joel would continue for another 10,000 years. From Star and Executive Producer Drew Barrymore: Of all of the characters I’ve ever been, Sheila Hammond is one of my favorites. She and Joel were an amazing couple, who had shared goals. And I am lucky to have worked alongside Tim Olyphant. It was an honor to get to do something so delightful. Sheila lives forever in me. And I am grateful to Victor Fresco, who created a world so unique. From Star and Executive Producer Timothy Olyphant: I loved working on this show. I’m going to continue coming in and doing scenes. If they don’t want to film it, that’s up to them.

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She has been the executive producer of Netflix Original Series Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019) that just concluded. And according to her IMDB page, there is an “Untitled Drew Barrymore Talk Show” in the works. Hmm, intriguing!

Lucy Liu

Last but not the least is Lucy Liu who always gets the badass characters. From O-Ren, the vengeful swordswoman in Kill Bill, to the Miranda Priestly-inspired Kirsten Stevens in ‘Set It Up’, the Asian actress continues on living up to her tough persona.

Did you know that she has been painting since 1993? Well, she has been exhibiting her erotic artworks at private and public shows since then. Currently, a piece of her art normally ranges from $10,000 to $50,000.

On the contrary, if you want to see more of her latest acting works, she has been constantly promoting Why Women Kill so go check that out.

Her coolness doesn’t end there as she acquired the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star in May 2019, making her the 2nd Asian-American woman to receive such.

This ceremony also bestowed us a cute little reunion of the iconic trio!

Photo Source: Lucy Liu Official Instagram