The Search For Answers: Frozen 2 Official Trailer

Back in February, we were given the first glimpse on what to expect with the sequel to the 2013’s hit Disney flick “Frozen”. In the teaser, we first see a determined looking Elsa on a beach shore during a stormy night. She then goes into the stormy ocean, possibly in the most Elsa way possible, by freezing the water she steps on so that she could go further only to be stopped every time by the dark mighty waves. We are then cut to different scenes featuring the other main characters of Kristoff, Sven, Anna and Olaf.

Now just recently, Disney has finally released the official trailer for “Frozen 2” and, to say the least, fans are still very confused as to what exactly this sequel will entail. Apart from the same scenes seen in the teaser (some of which have been lengthened), we are also shown new ones where Elsa is told how she “must find the truth”, how hopefully her powers are enough to probably defeat whatever villain is set to be in the movie and Anna stating how she is not going to let anything bad happen to her sister.

Yet, even with the longer trailer finally here, many are still left to wonder as what to really expect once the film arrives. It seems like Elsa is not the only one searching for answers with some people under the official trailer’s YouTube comment section jokingly saying things like:

Nonetheless, it seems the hype of the movie is there more than ever as its mysteriousness seem to truly be intriguing people to go and see it once out.

“Frozen 2” is set to be released on November 22, 2019 in the United States.