Uhm… What Was Timothée Chalamet Wearing At The Oscars 2020?

Our Beautiful Boy continues to shine despite his streak rule-breaking in fashion!

Award-winning actor and internet-proclaimed soft boy of the generation Timothée Chalamet confused the internet when he showed up at the Oscars 2020 red carpet looking like this:

Photo Source: Getty Images

The ensemble was comprised of a two-piece navy blue Prada tracksuit, a white button-up shirt, black boots, and a 1955 Cartier Tradition brooch that took the outfit to the next level.

Photo Source: Getty Images

To be fair, the Little Women star has always been known to take fashion risks — from the dashing magenta suit when promoting said film to the sparkly black harness at the Golden Globes 2019 — but he never ceases to look effortlessly sleek every time. So it doesn’t come as a shock that he went to (just) one of the most prestigious awards show wearing a Prada tracksuit. Yep, just Timothée Chalamet things.

Now, what do the people behind the screens (a.k.a. the internet) think about this? Well, what do you expect, he’s their favorite person!

Photo Source: Getty Images

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