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7 Timeless Hair Flips That Gone Viral Online

7 Timeless Hair Flips That Gone Viral Online


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Hair flip is the new cup of tea today! Every hair flip has its own story, may it be from a shampoo commercial, our personal bad hair day, an experience from unwanted wet hair slap on a jeepney ride, or the hottest hair flip scenes we’ve seen in a movie from our favorite character; all-in-one hair flip can change our mood instantly. So to recognize some of these epic fail and memorable hair flips now and decades ago, we’ve rounded up a list to remind you that a simple hair flip can be an ideal perfect signature pose to anyone.


  1. Pinky Webb Hair Flip (2021)

“I never thought hair flip can be a gesture of professionalism,” says one of the netizens. It was all started when the CNN Philippines anchor Pinky Webb flips her hair back to keep her calm and beaut in response to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s reiteration about the UP-DND Accord Abrogation during The Source live interview.

The virality of the news video becomes a day talk and much taken on Twitter and Facebook as the anchor Twitted, “Hair flip is life. Pero baka ponytail muna bukas.” As a news anchor, you’ll experience some exchange of Q&As’ and times when you’ll encounter things as if you’re in the hot seat instead of the interviewee but for the people’s point of view, Webb’s composure scored the most on the internet.


  1. Justin Trudeau’s Hair Flip (2020)

For all the wrong reasons, the epic hairs flip had seduced many people on the internet.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a press conference turns into s thirst sensation for many who have watched it on TV. Trudeau can be seen with his freshly uncut hair since the pandemic.

During his TV live appearance, the wind suddenly blows a weight strong that mixed up his hair so he needs to push it back to see his face clear without breaking eye contact with the camera. However, the video becomes more known when someone from Ottawa edited it and posted it on his Facebook, adding some sexy background music and spice the part of the minister’s hair flip in slow motion effect.

The result triggered netizens to declare Trudeau as the “Hottest Prime Minister in the World.” The Prime Minister’s unintentional flip hair has become Trudeau mania to everyone.


  1. Scarlett Johansson Hair Flip (2019)



Knowing there’s a lot to be recognized in the Avengers: Endgame movie like time travel, suits, cinematography, and such but why everyone seems to be intrigued about Scarlett Johansson’s hair playing the role of Black Widow.

This isn’t just because of Black Widow’s misleading length and hair color during the trailer that embarks a perception of time jump but because of Johansson’s leaving hair strikes to behold her superheroic pose as a female hero in the squad.


  1. Catriona Gray Hair Flip (2018)

Why get too far when our own Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has the perfect hair flips among all the recognizable flicks of all time. As witnessed during Gray’s “Lava Walk” competition, the air flashed through her hair that makes her stan and catch the Universe above other competitors.


  1. TWICE Tzuyu’s Hair Flip (2016)

This one’s a “Majestic hair flip.” Not long enough to remember when one of the K-pop artists Tzuyu joined an archery competition. Tzuyu caught the attention of many viewers as she missed her shot in firing straight of the target because her hair flips eventually after pulling the bow in the wrong direction. However, this shooting an arrow incident draw flacks because of how dramatic and graceful her shot was even she didn’t hit the target.


  1. Taylor Swift’s Hair Flip (2014)

No, this isn’t a lady-like hair flips or an average tossing of hair dramas. This was an exception of the true Taylor. The young Taylor in 2014 remarks her Grammy story when she performed her heart out of her masterpiece song called “All Too Well” live on TV.

The singer at her most vulnerable and vampy side becomes emotional as she surrenders her song to millions of viewers with extreme back and forth half-bodied hair flips. And it’s about the time to remember how dedicated a singer she is until today.


  1. Little Mermaid Hair Flip (2013)

The red-headed Disney character recognized as Ariel also pays a homage form from all of those aforementioned hair flip stories as it contributed a sense of ‘My Hair, My Say’ feeling. As childhood tales since 1959, ‘The Little Mermaid’ is one of the hair flip icons that take the art of hair waves that up until today attract many Broadway performances worldwide. As grownups, thanks to Ariel, every childhood dream becomes enchanting with its spunky teenage life that teaches us to find our own way to be recognized.

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