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Internet To Reality: Wordle Is Getting A Board Game

Internet To Reality: Wordle Is Getting A Board Game


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Global play and entertainment leader Hasbro Inc. and New York Times Games are partnering up to create a real-life spin on the viral online word game that took the internet by storm.

New York Times Games, which recently acquired Wordle, confirmed on Thursday, July 14, that they will be launching the new board game, Wordle: The Party Game, this October, with pre-orders opening as early as now for those in North America.

Wordle: The Party Game will feature the same classic Wordle gameplay that fans are familiar with. The only difference is that the players will now compete with each other in real life to solve the word puzzles.

“Wordle truly brought us all together, and that’s what makes it so special. With each daily puzzle, we’re connected with friends and family through social play. At New York Times Games, we’re focused on quality crafted puzzles that everyone can experience together, which is why we’re so excited to team up with Hasbro to bring a fresh new format to the global sensation of Wordle,” Jonathan Knight, head of Games for The New York Times, said in a statement.

In a press release, New York Times Games revealed the rules of how the game should be played now that it’s in a board format.

In each round, a designated player becomes the Wordle Host and will write down a “Secret Word”, which the remaining players will have to guess. Players will have six attempts to uncover the five-letter word while competing against each other. The fewer times the player guesses, the fewer points it will receive. The player with the lowest acquired points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

And to make the game night more fun, the board game includes dry-erase Wordle boards and markers, all designed so that you can play the game repeatedly until someone calls it quits.

Wordle was initially developed by Josh Wardle and released to the public in October 2021. The game then received good reviews and became rapidly popular worldwide. And in January of 2022, the New York Times bought the rights to the game, becoming the newest addition to NYT’s portfolio of engaging puzzle games.

After the acquisition of the game, NYT Games has been working on improving its features. Recently, they announced that players can now use their free or paid New York Times account to link their Wordle stats to save the game and play it on any device.

Wordle: The Party Game is available for pre-order on Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, and Target. Currently, it’s only available for purchase in North America. The game will officially roll out in October.

More details about the game, you can visit https://www.wordlethepartygame.com/.

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