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Oh My Gas! Top Fuel-Saving Tips As Oil Prices Increase In PH

Oh My Gas! Top Fuel-Saving Tips As Oil Prices Increase In PH


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Times are changing for the world, and it is definitely affecting fuel prices. As the economy reorders according to the changing global events, fuel prices start to increase and motorists start to face a new dilemma: heavier payments, lighter pockets.

In a developing country like the Philippines, the prices of goods are essential to how Pinoys budget their everyday lives. With fuel prices at an all-time high now, drivers might just scream, “Oh my gas!” the moment they see the prices at the gas station.

As oil prices increase, it could be hard to maintain private cars and live with convenience. While the ordinary Pinoy cannot easily control these price changes, it can be a matter of strategy to help yourselves avoid overspending on fuel and saving it up effectively.

With these tips, you can save as much fuel as possible and avoid spending more just for gas:

1. Maintain car’s engine health

While this may appear pricey at first, maintaining your car’s health is an investment and will save you loads of fuel. Check air filters, monitor air conditioning use, check tires—believe it or not, it will save you and your money. For example, when your tires are correctly inflated, it will make your trip go more smoothly, improving your fuel economy.

As car experts always say, a well-tuned engine will save drivers and car users a large amount of fuel, and all it takes is being careful and committing to routine service for your car. So if you want to save up fuel and more costs on your car, make sure to give your car some tender, loving care.

2. Reduce load, travel light

Traveling light actually saves you a lot of gas, mainly because carrying more weight means the car has to accelerate more, which leads it to accelerate more. Every extra pound or kilo might affect the way your car uses up fuel. You can try to remove unnecessary items in your car that add significant weight to it, like sports items or other heavy products or artifacts.

The efficiency of your fuel is reduced by up to 2% for every addition of around 45.4 kilograms—this is especially evident if you have a smaller car. So the next time you travel, remember to only load the necessities.

3. Slow down

Usually, cars take up more gas if the driver speeds at 60 mph or faster. Fuel consumption is lower if drivers try to slow down. In a simpler explanation, a car takes up more fuel the faster it is driven because a faster car requires more fuel. Significantly decreasing your speed can improve your fuel economy by up to 20%, so remember to slow down when you drive.

4. Avoid long idling

Road traffic is the number one enemy of every driver in the Philippines. While this is out of the driver’s control, drivers can still find ways to save gas. The best way to do it is to turn off your engine when you are not moving.

Remember the gas price in those little moments? For example, when you’re picking up someone and you anticipate quite a long wait, turn off your car engine to avoid consuming unnecessary fuel. The car uses gas even when idle. If you want to save more, spend less on fuel.

5. Car pool

Not only does this help you save gas, it also saves others from traffic. High volumes of cars on narrow roads in the Philippines lead to dreadful traffic. If you carpool, you can save gas, and others can pitch in money for gas as well—after all, you are all using the same car. Carpooling is a strategic way to lower the amount of fuel you expend, plus you can enjoy the trip with good company.

So the next time you drive, remember these tips, and the next time you stop by the gas station, there’s less chance that the gas price will make you cry. Drive safely!

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