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Pampanga Among Conde Nast Traveler’s List Of “Unsung Food Destinations”

Pampanga Among Conde Nast Traveler’s List Of “Unsung Food Destinations”


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Pampanga, the Philippines’ Culinary Capital, has been recognized by the travel and lifestyle magazine Conde Nast in their Traveler’s List of “unsung food destinations” in the world.

In the article, the travel magazine listed less-expected places in the world with the “most exciting foodie scenes.” The province of Pampanga is among the 12 on the destination list.

The publication cited Pampanga’s history with the Spanish colonial period as one of the influences on their cuisine. The province is described as the Philippines’ “most exciting and consistent foodie scene.” Among the famous dishes were sisig, a staple of Kapampangan cuisine typically made from minced pork face; morcon, a braised meat roll popular during the holiday season; tocino, a breakfast sweet cured pork; buro, a dipping sauce made from fermented rice and shrimp; and turrunos de casoy, a crunchy wafer-like traditional sweet.

Beloved homegrown restaurants in Pampanga, particularly in San Fernando and Angeles, were also featured in the publication. Included in the list were Everybody’s Cafe, which serves all-time favorite Kapampangan cuisine, and Aling Lucing’s Sisig, the restaurant that re-invented the now-popular pork cheek dish.

Among the locations mentioned by Conde Nast in their “unsung food destinations” list include Talad Noi in Bangkok, Kyoto by the Sea in Japan, San Jose in Costa Rica, Nazareth, the Great Lakes in the United States, the South Downs in the United Kingdom, the island country of Greenland, Cadiz in Spain, the Valley of the Vineyards in Brazil, Belize in the Caribbean, Southeast Taiwan, and the United States Virgin Islands.


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