Sunday, June 26, 2022
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First School To Establish HWPL Peace Monument In The Philippines

Siniloan Integrated National High School in Laguna erected the first HWPL Peace Monument among the schools in the Philippines unveiled on February 21, 2022.

Annual Int’l Peace Conference Calls Forth Collective Action To Promote Peace In Mindanao

The international peace conference recognized an 8-year-old civilian-led peace deal in Mindanao between Islam and Catholic communities, which is still fostering interfaith cooperation and rising popular support for the establishment of international law for peace.

International Peace Conference To Commemorate Civilian-Led Peace Agreement In Mindanao

An international online peace conference will be held to celebrate the 8th anniversary of a civilian-led peace agreement in Mindanao on the 24th of January.

World Peace Summit Calling For Concerted Action For Sustainable Peace In The New Normal

The 7th Anniversary of the HWPL World Peace Summit has successfully concluded this year's event with the progress of international efforts and the plans in promoting peace agenda in the 'new normal' era.

Peace Education Training Program Held For Over 200 Schools And HEIs In The Philippines

The Peace Education Capacity Building Program virtual event successively participated by school members all over the Philippines to train them the values of peace from outside and within.

Peace Monument Unveiled In Cotabato City

The Unveiling Ceremony of the Peace Monument is an indicator to bring peace to Cotabato City and to end the long armed conflict between the Moros and the Philippine government.

HWPL Civilian Peace Agreement Creates An Atmosphere Of Peace In Mindanao

A civilian group-led peace agreement to raise awareness for peace among the residents in Mindanao, the battleground of all bullets.

Virtual Conference Introduces Peace Activities Led By Global Citizens With Amid COVID-19

This year's HWPL's Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace aimed to discuss the lack of communication in this current pandemic era to overcome global challenges.

Intercontinental Online Youth Workshop Held To Discuss Deprivation Of Educational Rights

The Philippines joined the online intercontinental youth workshop to discuss a solution to the deprivation of educational rights in Asia and Oceania.

International Peace Organization’s Call To Action On Human Rights Crisis In Myanmar

The international peace organization is calling out the Myanmar military regime, to ‘respect people’s human rights and freedom of expression', in the recent Myanmar disputes.

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