Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Republic Cement

Republic Cement, Colgate-Palmolive Renew Partnership To Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Republic Cement and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines renewed their partnership to back each other's fight against the pervasive plastic waste problem in the country.

Malvar LGU Partners With Ecoloop To Build A Greener, Stronger Republic

The Municipality of Malvar has successfully engaged in the Republic Cement's Waste for Cement program, ensuring their role in the construction of a greener, stronger Republic.

Republic Cement Supports Cagayan De Oro LGU Relocation Program

Republic Cement donated cement to the local government of Cagayan De Oro in support of the city’s Informal Settlers Program.

Republic Cement Revolutionizes Philippine Cement Manufacturing Through Data Science

Republic Cement puts in place a comprehensive data infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions through manufacturing greener cement.

Republic Cement Revolutionizes PH Cement Industry Through Data Science, AI

Republic Cement customers are now assured of the cement’s strength immediately upon production without having to wait for the 28-day strength testing period, thanks to Data Science and AI.

Women Against Waste

A dumpsite may be “dirty and smelly” but it's a blessing to a woman like Gloria Bandojo who stands proud for sending her kids to school for being a garbage collector in one of the Manila garbage mountains.

Republic Cement Recognized For Environmental Preservation And Safety Achievements

Congratulations, Republic Cement! Republic Cement wins big at the prestigious Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Awards.

Republic Cement Partnership With Colgate-Palmolive To Tackle PH Plastic Waste Problem

Republic Cement and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines have joined together to address the plastic waste problem in the Philippines.

Pampanga LGUs Participate In Cement-For-Trash Program

Wow! 9 LGUs in Pampanga have successfully reduced their residual plastic through this program!

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