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Taiwan Resumes Visa-Free Travel For Filipinos


Taiwan Resumes Visa-Free Travel For Filipinos


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Countries like Thailand, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea have opened their doors for foreign visitors. This September, Taiwan joined the club.

On September 22, 2022, the Bureau of Consular Affairs announced that Filipinos can now travel to Taiwan visa-free effective on September 29, 2022 until July 31, 2023.

Filipinos are allowed to stay up to 14 days which will start on the day after the arrival. Visa-free entry only applies to those citizens who are holders of formal passports. The Bureau of Consular Affairs also announced that the Philippine aircraft or crew members are ineligible for visa-free entry to Taiwan.

Requirements of the visa-free entry include a passport with remaining six months of validity, a confirmed return air or sea ticket, visa for next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure flight. A proof of accommodation booking, host or sponsor’s contact information, and sufficient travel funds will also be asked for Filipino visitors.

Visitors will still be asked to undergo quarantine of 3 days and 4 days of self-initiated epidemic prevention. Rapid test kits will be given to travelers aged 2 and above. International airport workers will be giving instructions and updates regarding the testing kits and results right after.

Other countries such as Chile, Israel, Japan, Korea, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Nicaragua were also allowed visa-free entry with different restrictions.

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