Emission Testing Centers Allowed To Operate Until July 30


Private emission testing centers and motor vehicle emission control technicians with pending authorizations are allowed to operate until July 30.

In a memorandum signed by Department of Transportation OIC-Undersecretary Artemio Tuazon Jr., the extension was due to a lockdown of the department’s head office in Clark, Pampanga after a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

“In the exigency of service and to avoid inconvenience to the public, this Office hereby grants all PETCs/MVECTs concerned, another 15 days to operate or until 30 July 2020, subject to the same conditions imposed in the previous memorandum,” it read.

The memorandum gives PETCs and MVECTs another 15-day extension from July 15 after a prior extension from a previous memorandum.

The previous memorandum dated June 30 allows PETCs and MVECTs with authorizations that expire on June 30 to operate until July 15 “provided that submission for the application was made on or before 30 June 2020.”

Those with extended or valid authorizations are only allowed to operate once the Land Transportation Office district office that covers it resumes operation or starts accepting motor vehicle registrations. (PNA)