Monday, September 25, 2023
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World News

APEC Members Push For Economic Resilience, Interconnectedness

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member economies gather in Seattle to improve economic resilience, drive innovation, and promote an equitable future amidst global challenges.

Actress Samantha Hanratty Joins Smile Train’s Attempt At A Guinness World Record Title

Cleft-focused organization Smile Train initiated a program that would make the largest online photo album of smiling mouths together with actress Samantha Hanratty in its attempt to get a Guinness World title.

2025 Chengdu World Games To Feature 35 Sports

Thrilling 2025 World Games in China to showcase 35 sports, including new additions like cheerleading and triathlon.

Swiftie With Stage 4 Cancer Fulfills Her Dream To Attend The Eras Tour

Netizens got emotional after a Taylor Swift fan got to experience the Eras tour before passing away due to cancer.

Explaining The Story Behind The OceanGate Titan Submersible

Trending almost all over social media, what is really the story behind OceanGate’s Titan submersible?

Pride Month Artwork At The Arc De Triomphe: Is It True Or Not?

With the rise of special virtual effects in today’s generation, people are debating if the viral Pride Month movement in Paris was true or was an ethical thing to do.

World Health Organization: Stop Tobacco Farming, Grow Food Instead

The World Health Organization urges countries to stop subsidizing tobacco and prioritize food production for global health.

APEC Urged To Resolve Barriers To Services Trade

Trade experts urged Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economies to address services trade barriers for economic growth and global prosperity.

What Can Happen To Your Body After Getting Covid-19

Experts reminded individuals to still be vigilant as those who experience initial Covid-19 infection can still have other diseases.

ASEAN Summit Delegates, State Guests Use Electric Vehicles

ASEAN Summit delegates and state guests in Labuan Bajo were disclosed to use electric vehicles to increase security.