Monday, June 5, 2023
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World News

World Health Organization: Stop Tobacco Farming, Grow Food Instead

The World Health Organization urges countries to stop subsidizing tobacco and prioritize food production for global health.

APEC Urged To Resolve Barriers To Services Trade

Trade experts urged Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economies to address services trade barriers for economic growth and global prosperity.

What Can Happen To Your Body After Getting Covid-19

Experts reminded individuals to still be vigilant as those who experience initial Covid-19 infection can still have other diseases.

ASEAN Summit Delegates, State Guests Use Electric Vehicles

ASEAN Summit delegates and state guests in Labuan Bajo were disclosed to use electric vehicles to increase security.

Exhibit Marks 40 Years Of Monastery’s Inclusion In UNESCO List

Paris has opened an exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of Rila Monastery under the UNESCO World Heritage List

Spain Performs 1st Fully Robotic Lung Transplant

A hospital in Barcelona happily announced that its first fully robotic lung transplant was successful, as there were no damaged organs during the operation.

WHO Turns 75; Ensures Resilient Health Systems In Western Pacific

The World Health Organization announced to focus on building health systems in Western Pacific countries to improve universal health coverage.

UNESCO Report: USD97 Billion Needed To Meet 2030 Education Targets

The United Nations released a report saying that countries should have additional funding for the education department to achieve educational goals for 2030.

India’s Tiger Population Jumps To 3,167 In 2022

India recorded an increase in its tiger population in 2022 which showed an improvement in the preservation of wildlife species.

WHO Celebrates 75 Years With Call For Health Equity

In celebration of the World Health Organization for its 75th anniversary, they have highlighted the need to invest in the healthcare sector worldwide.