Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Transport Group Says PUV Modernization To Solve Traffic Congestion

Revolutionizing Philippine transportation, the government’s public utility vehicle modernization program is set to ease traffic congestion and improve commuters’ experience.

Protected Bicycle Lanes Get PHP1 Billion Funding In 2024 Budget

Congress boosts funding to Php1 billion for the Active Transport and Safe Pathways Program, accelerating the development of protected bicycle lanes.

Senator Poe Rues Lack Of Support For Drivers In PUV Modernization

Senator Grace Poe calls for an urgent review of the public utility vehicle Modernization Program, citing a lack of safety nets for drivers and operators.

‘Fast Lanes’ To Be Created In LTO Offices For Unregistered Vehicles

Land Transportation Office chief Vigor Mendoza initiates ‘fast lanes’ for overdue vehicle registration in a nationwide effort to register over 24 million unlicensed vehicles.

Mayor Lacuna: More Parking Areas, Increased Security For Christmas Shoppers

Manila gears up for an unforgettable Christmas! Increased police visibility, more parking spaces, and exciting events await shoppers in the city’s famous shopping districts.

More Buses Allowed On Roads For ‘Undas’, BSKE

Get ready for a smoother commute this Undas season as more public utility buses operate for the influx of passengers and elections.

LTO Chief Wants Vehicle Registration, License Application Done Online

The Land Transportation Office cracks down on corruption and fixers with a move to online transactions, making vehicle renewal and licensing hassle-free.

Solon Seeks PHP1.8 Billion Allocation For PUV Modernization Program

Lawmaker pushes for Php1.8 billion in funding to modernize public utility vehicles, ensuring livelihood and education for Filipinos.

Senator Villanueva: WFH Law Meant To Address Worsening Traffic In Metro Manila

Senator Villanueva highlighted the implementation of the work-from-home law to address the growing issues faced by Filipinos due to traffic in Metro Manila.

Senator Tolentino: Vehicles Carrying Relief Items Should Be Exempted From Toll Fees

Senator Tolentino proposes toll fee exemption for relief vehicles to guarantee faster aid distribution during disasters.