Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Glenfiddich Brings South East Asian Change Makers Together With Where Next? Campaign

Glenfiddich Brings South East Asian Change Makers Together With Where Next? Campaign


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Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky, has launched Where Next, a campaign aimed at inspiring others to step out of their comfort zone, to encourage them to embrace challenges in order to create meaningful growth. The campaign unfolds across Southeast Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and of course the Philippines.

Glenfiddich has a history of growth by continually challenging itself to break new ground, setting paths that others follow and always asking “Where Next?”. Central to the Where Next campaign are Mavericks, people who embody the changemaker spirit, everyday people who are courageous enough to challenge themselves to forge their own paths, creating change even if the odds are against them.

Glenfiddich’s Where Next also sees an exciting partnership with TEDx-communities across the region, TEDxSingapore, TEDxKL, TEDxJakarta, TEDxBangkok, and TEDxDiliman for the Philippines, by presenting ImagineNext, a series of powerful talks by local speakers across South East Asia. These are creative Mavericks in their fields who show that living purposefully with persistence and drive, and challenging the norms have allowed them to grow stronger.

“Being the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky says a lot about how much we constantly push ourselves out of our comfort zone to be better. We believe everyone possesses this Maverick spirit – one that inspires them to always look at ways to improve, aiming for the next stage in their personal and professional growth,” said Brett Bayly, Regional Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich in South East Asia.

“It’s this ‘Where Next’ ethos that drives Glenfiddich, and our Where Next campaign celebrates the idea that growth can only come by continually embracing the unknown. Through reaching out directly to our community, partnering with TEDx-communities and collaborating with diverse Mavericks, we want to invite them to join us on a grand adventure of self-discovery across all important stages of their lives,” he added.

Explore introspection with Glenfiddich’s Where Next Instagram experience:

To offer a first taste of the campaign to its community, Glenfiddich has launched a digital experience to encourage its community to start thinking about how they can challenge themselves and their norms.

With the Where Next Instagram experience, the simple digital exercise allows thoughtful questions to be posed to its community and their friends, such as “Tag your role model. Why are they your inspiration?” and “What’s one thing you always wanted to try, but never dared to?” With this first step, Glenfiddich seeks to motivate more Mavericks to develop an unwavering spirit to improve themselves.

To access the digital experience, follow Glenfiddich on its Instagram page (@glenfiddichsea).

Glenfiddich sponsors ImagineNext by TEDx-communities: Audacious transformations and inventive solutions that lead to bold new conversations and creations. To further bring the impact of Where Next to its community, Glenfiddich has sponsored TEDx communities across the region, TEDxSingapore, TEDxKL, TEDxJakarta, TEDxBangkok, and TEDxDiliman for the Philippines, to enable its first-ever collaboration across five markets in South East Asia, ImagineNext.

The series of conversations brings together the pioneering maverick spirit of Glenfiddich and the TEDx community to explore deeper connections and inspire people across South East Asia.

ImagineNext spotlights each city’s Mavericks, visionaries and trailblazers of new paths, to iterate their take on the word ‘Imagine’, exploring the unique diversity within the region, bringing about bold new conversations triggered by audacious transformations and inventive solutions.

From TEDXSingapore’s discussion on the future of social entrepreneurship by Grace Sai, to TEDxJakarta’s talk on developing creative solutions to address the global food crisis by entrepreneur and Brand Director of KAUM Lisa Virgiano, the ImagineNext series aims to inspire the next set of trailblazers who can passionately contribute to the betterment of the world. The esteemed set of speakers have been selected to embody the vision of the Glenfiddich brand, to bravely be Mavericks, and to inspire others to become Mavericks.

To know more about the topics and featured speakers for ImagineNext, visit www.glenfiddich imaginext.com. Episodes are aired weekly and specifically for TEDxDiliman, the episode will be released on 10 June 2021, 8pm.

For more information, follow Glenfiddich on social (@glenfiddichsea) or visit https://glenfiddichimaginenext.com/

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