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Level Up The Holidays With Rémy Martin’s Centaur Odyssey Range In Limited-Edition

Level Up The Holidays With Rémy Martin’s Centaur Odyssey Range In Limited-Edition


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The end of the year is the most opportune time to celebrate today’s victories. This holiday season, Rémy Martin is boosting the festivities through its Rémy Martin VSOP, Club, and XO, housed in stunning and exclusive gift boxes.

The beautifully-illustrated treasure troves bring to life the odyssey of the Centaur, the emblematic symbol of the House of Rémy Martin. It invites curious connoisseurs to follow its voyage and explore the craftsmanship that goes into making one of the world’s finest French spirits.

Each coffret comes with a golden key in the form of a QR code that opens the doors to fascinating content on the cognac of choice. This includes tasting tips, food pairings, and a dedicated cocktail tutorial designed to match each product.

Rémy Martin VSOP, which embodies the House’s signature style, reveals dominant notes of vanilla, ripe apricot, and baked apple. Enjoy the drink in three ways: neat, on ice, or with ginger ale. It is best paired with vanilla macaroon and gravlax salmon. As an added treat, Rémy Martin included VSOP cognac glasses in the box.

Meanwhile, the Rémy Martin Club is an illuminating gift to show appreciation to inspirational people. The bottle is fully decorated and presented in a multi-faceted, limited-edition coffret. Pour the drink in a shooter glass that is frozen to enhance the power of Club and bring out a full palette of flavors of candied fruits (apricots and figs), spices (ginger and cinnamon), and nut aromas. Pair it with dumplings and almond biscuits for a memorable night of celebration.

On the other hand, the lavish Rémy Martin XO is the ideal gift to wish friends and loved ones a Merry Christmas. The premium drink is the signature cognac of the House’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, who described the blend as “multifaceted.”

Enjoy the drink’s myriad of flavors by having it neat or on ice. Another option is to pour it into the mixing glass with a lump of sugar and 3 dashes of bitters. Stir until silky smooth while adding ice. Level it up by garnishing it with a sprinkle of edible gold flakes. The drink pairs perfectly with chocolate or candied fruits to bring out further its aromatic richness.

Founded in 1724, The House of Rémy Martin has been perfecting its craft for almost 300 years now. In 1996, they formed the Alliance Fine Champagne to work closely with roughly a thousand winegrowers, making sure that the expertise honed over three centuries is passed on. This also ensures the House has access to the required amounts of highest quality grapes yearly.

The precious grapes that grew from the terroir (ground) of the most sought-after vineyards of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne gave birth to the cognac eaux-de-vie, produced by means of meticulous fermentation and demanding distillation methods.

Celebrate the upcoming holidays with Rémy Martin. Share with us your journey online by using the hashtags #RemyMartin, #RemyMartinPH, and #CentrauOdyssey. For more information, visit

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