Monday, May 23, 2022

The Lost Bread Chuckie Soft-Serve Ice Cream Is Here!

The Lost Bread Chuckie Soft-Serve Ice Cream Is Here!


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Everyone’s Chocolatey Buddy is visiting The Lost Bread stores this Christmas with yet another childhood favorite turned into a cool sweet treat! Starting December 3, 2019, The Lost Bread will be offering Chuckie Soft-Serve Ice Creams across all branches. After numerous trials and approvals from the Nestle Chuckie team and experts themselves, The Lost Bread team successfully captured the perfect chocolatey and milky blend of Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Drink and their signature milk soft-serve.

The Lost Bread’s Chuckie Soft-Serve Ice Cream will be offered for a limited time only! So hurry and rush to the nearest The Lost Bread Store because we assure you, this is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss.

Chuckie Soft-Serve is available in both cup and cone variants for only Php95. You may also top it with different nummies from their Craft Your Own Soft-Serve Bar such as milk and cookies, chocolate granola, chocolate caramel popcorn, and many more!

As an additional Christmas treat to The Lost Bread customers, each branch will be giving away an ultra-rare Chuckie plush toy. For every purchase of a Chuckie Soft-Serve cup or cone, they will be entitled to 1 raffle entry and get a chance to take home their very own chocolatey buddy!

Dying to know more about the Chuckie Soft-Serve Ice Cream? Visit The Lost Bread’s social media accounts or contact them directly through the details below:

Instagram: @thelostbread_

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