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22 Filipino Women Leaders Profiled For Global Women Who Rule 2022

22 Filipino Women Leaders Profiled For Global Women Who Rule 2022


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Global Women Who Rule started out as a pet project, merely a concept, that brewed in the mind of its ideator, Ms. Apple Esplana-Manansala, during the height of the pandemic in 2021. The world was sick, and everybody’s lives gravitated around the home, with most areas on high alert level. As Filipino women’s roles began to shift, the special care and attention that they have, generally as the homemakers, can shine through in other prospects, with the right inspiration and motivation.

From humble beginnings, and with the support and backing of family and friends, the summit came to life with the vision to help women find their potential and raise themselves up, especially those in less fortunate circumstances. While there is the utilitarian side of the talks, practical lessons one can really follow to create their own roadmap to personal success and fulfillment, there is also the just as important relatable aspect. The speakers aren’t just telling success stories, they’re life stories.

The personal touch in each woman-leader’s talk is essential to the principal way in which the summit seeks to help women, and that is making connections. With the use of the proper, far-reaching platforms, and the pandemic’s effect on increasing online sharing and communication in general, a wider, more diverse audience than ever could be reached.

Connecting these leaders with each other is important in reaching and helping as many women as we can, as they each have their own members, their own followers, who are themselves diverse. This naturally creates overlaps in fields and interests, opening up new opportunities that some may have never thought of, or just needed that extra push or motivation to take the plunge.

In this summit, with the many varied backgrounds and paths to success and fulfillment shared by our speakers, part of the aim is to aid women who are currently at a crossroads by giving them more perspectives on where their decisions may lead, based on the experience and guidance of those they will be listening to.

With 22 Filipino women leaders speaking in the 6-hour long summit, the number is not only crucial in getting as many and as diverse a group of profiles as we could, but also in instilling a sense of harmony and collaboration. One of the best sources of empowerment is the feeling of belonging and being able to contribute to something greater than yourself.

That these women are very hands-on and supportive in many aspects of the summit, beyond just speaking, also adds to the credibility of the event’s message. Mental health and everyone’s social needs took a hit during the pandemic, with the distance it created. If this many women, in the short time they are given, are able to say and show that, “Women can do it!”, it can be a powerful motivator and comforting assurance to those doubting and second-guessing themselves.

With this event, and the advocacy to use digital for good, we hope to lift the curtain dividing these potential mentors and leaders to those who need their words the most. The 6-hour long summit premieres this 26th March, Saturday, from 1PM to 7PM PHT. GWWR 2022 will be streamed live on the TNC’s Facebook page and YouTube channel:

See you there!

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