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6 Anthems For Blissful Summer Listening


6 Anthems For Blissful Summer Listening


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Enjoy the summer heat whether you are on a beach getaway, at a dance party, or simply at home with songs that boost self-confidence and move your feet to the dance floor.

Listen to these summer jams from Anji Salvacion, Maymay Entrata, Marina Summers, and other Kapamilya artists put together in Tarsier Records’ “Summer Bliss” playlist:

1. Feel the confidence boost in “Paraiso” by Anji Salvacion

Anji proudly flaunts her new image as an artist with her latest single “Paraiso.”

The vibrant and upbeat track emphasizes the importance of being empowered and embracing your own definition of paradise.

It was composed by US-based Filipina singer-songwriter Annie Lux and produced by US-based producer Exale.

2. Discover love in “Fallin (Daniel Taberna Remix)” by Zion Aguirre, Dave Anonuevo

Zion takes the listeners on a journey to falling in love in his single “Fallin.”

The dreamy alt-pop track, composed and produced by Dave Anonuevo, offers a carefree perspective to discovering love.

With Daniel’s remix, the track boasts a more unique sound through its catchy beat and reimagined drops.

3. Embrace the summer glory in “Divine (Brian Cua Remix)” by Marina Summers, Moophs

With its summer theme and heavenly references, Marina celebrates ownership of one’s individuality in her dance-pop anthem “Divine.”

Through DJ Brian Cua’s remix, the track seamlessly merges Marina’s sultry voice with beats designed to ignite the dance floors.

4. Slay energy in “Amakabogera (Moophs Remix)” by Maymay Entrata

Award-winning producer Moophs offers an interesting twist to Maymay’s viral hit “Amakabogera.”

The remix offers an added “oomph” suited for club music and dance parties while maintaining its empowering message of showcasing one’s beauty.

5. Have a nostalgic night out in “City Runs” by Arthur Tan

Arthur Tan evokes the fast-paced nightlife in the city in his all-instrumental synthwave track “City Runs.”

As part of his debut EP “After The Party,” the track offers a layered production that emits a sudden burst of energy on a night out.

6. Cool down in “icy” by Dotty, Malli

Dotty and Malli team up for an exciting rap collaboration in “icy.”

The party rap track highlights the importance of protecting one’s energy from those who try to ruin it.

With Dotty’s catchy hook and Malli’s deep voice, the song offers the perfect sound for chilling and relaxation.

Find your summer anthem in Tarsier Records’ “Summer Bliss” playlist available on Spotify. For more details, follow Tarsier Records on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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