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All Is Not Lost: Family Car Found “In Good Hands” With New Owner After 20 Years


All Is Not Lost: Family Car Found “In Good Hands” With New Owner After 20 Years

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When it comes to building memories, it’s really hard to let go of something, whether it’s a memento or a souvenir, as it can be a way to reminisce about the good times.

This was then experienced by a Filipino netizen as he remembered the precious memories with his family through their old car.

Just recently, Marvin Caringal So posted a photo of their family car on Facebook, which they first bought in Baguio in 2003, curious and hopeful of finding its whereabouts.

He shared in his caption how the Model Altis 1.8G car was a big part of his childhood, even if it only lasted a year with them. The said car had been with them since they were kids, as reflected in the photo that he posted.

Due to the construction of their house and the fact that they were short on money, his father decided to sell the car.

In a string of luck, a netizen named Ryan Damasco replied to his post and even attached a photo, which happened to be the same car back in 2003.

“Eto ba hanap mo boss nsa mabuting kamay,” Ryan commented. In the attached photo, the car was in good condition, even having the same nameplate as before.

After receiving Ryan’s response, Marvin was thrilled and didn’t expect that the car would be the same as he remembered it to be. The said picture somehow brought back memories of his family and his childhood.

Marvin also said that he plans to buy the car back someday, but only if the current owner will allow it.

This shows how someone really treasures something that is valuable to them as much as he treasures the childhood he had with their first family car.

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