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Be A Kid For A Day And Eat These Popular Childhood Snacks From The ’90s


Be A Kid For A Day And Eat These Popular Childhood Snacks From The ’90s


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Do you still remember your favorite childhood snack? What’s your most memorable moment with it? As we grow up, we have new tastes in snacks, but we can never get rid of the fact that sometimes it’s good to reminisce about our childhood days while eating those snacks we used to munch on.

As they say, we will always have our child spirit in us.

Although there are some snacks that have been phased out and are no longer available on the market, there are snacks that we have all enjoyed before that are available on the market and online!

1. Twin Pops

Nestle’s Twin Pops were the go-to popsicle of every childhood best friend! This two-piece popsicle can be split with your favorite friend or with your crush! But if this is really your favorite, you can eat it by yourself! Is there a specific moment you remember from your childhood about these Twin Pops? If there is and it made you smile after recalling that certain moment, why not buy Twin Pops and enjoy this delicious treat for yourself or with your childhood friends? You can buy Twin Pops in supermarkets nationwide!

2. Knick Knacks

This is included in one of those lists on how to tell if your classmate in elementary school is rich! Knick Knacks were the girls’ “baon” during lunch! This comes in delicious flavors such as chocolate, milk, strawberry, and double choco. These small, sweet-coated fish-shaped biscuits were everyone’s favorites at class lunch. Even boys loved this! The good news is that this can still be bought in a variety of stores near you. This is also available in all sari-sari stores and supermarkets nationwide.

3. Nissin Cubee Wafer

Aside from Knick Knacks, Nissin Cubee Wafer is one of the OG foodie snacks for children in school. This has Vanilla Fudge, Chocolate, and Creme flavors that are loved by ’90s kids! If you can no longer find this in a variety store near your house, don’t worry because Nissin Cubee Wafer is still available in supermarkets and can also be purchased online!

4. Nooda Crunch

The childhood snack that changed ‘90s kids’ perspectives that a noodle can be eaten without boiling hot water! Nooda Crunch has been available in school canteens before, and kids have been lining up to buy this delicious snack for their lunch. You eat this by crushing the noodles and then pouring the cheese powder over them, shaking them until you’re satisfied. It’s still available in sari-sari stores, so buy it now as you recall your childhood memories!

5. Ovalteenies

In the early ’20s, kids were exposed to Pinoy superheroes. For girls, they looked up to Darna and even reenacted their favorite scenes with their friends! And since they can’t swallow a stone, they buy ovalteenies instead to energize them for their role play! Ovalteenies are made of ovaltine. It is a round candy that’s sweet and makes kids thirst for more. Ovalteenies are still available in supermarkets and online!

These are our childhood snacks that are still available in supermarkets and online! Sometimes, we just need to take a break from the dreadful responsibility of being an adult by pretending to be a child again by eating our favorite childhood snacks.

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