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Best Countries To Migrate To If You Want To Get Over

Best Countries To Migrate To If You Want To Get Over


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For Pinoys, moving abroad is commonly a strategy to ‘start anew’ or to improve their way of living. With a big population of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), many Pinoys hope for a better life as they relocate into new environments.

As a result, migration culture among Pinoys had made overseas life a little desirable. So when terrible times come, you’ve probably thought at least once — ‘what if I just move abroad?’.

Here are the most popular and convenient countries that most Pinoys consider when migrating away from the Philippines:

1. Singapore

As one of the top countries in development among Southeast Asian countries, Filipinos definitely never forget to consider the ‘kapitbahays’, or neighboring countries.

Singapore is also considered by most as one of the top countries in Asia with ‘quality life’ with its stable legal systems, excellent infrastructures, and competitive workforce.

The multicultural landscape of Singapore also makes living with foreigners much easier because most Singaporeans are open and well-accustomed to socializing with different mixes of cultures.

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2. New Zealand

For Pinoys who value safety, peace, and stable career opportunities — New Zealand might be your future home. Cost of living is quite compatible with wages, and the government can assist Pinoys in finding the right employers.

Language is not much of a problem as English is one of their official languages. Kiwis’ culture is also hospitable and friendly, making it more convenient for foreigners to ask for assistance in times of need.

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3. Canada

If you are a Pinoy who wants to maximize the benefits of public health insurance, Canada offers a universal healthcare system for all its permanent residents. In other words, most of your healthcare expenses will be covered by the taxes you pay — which saves you time and money.

Compared to other countries in the West, Canada has a relatively affordable cost of living. It is a great place for those pursuing tertiary education or expanding their individual careers.

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4. United States

With its active economy and wide career opportunities, the United States is one of Pinoys’ dream destinations. For some, they even call it living the ‘American dream’, or the goal of being successful in the U.S.A.

As one of the top destinations for foreign migrants, the labor market is very flexible and there are lots of job vacancies for both immigrants and locals. Most employers scout based on skills which is why immigrants can equally compete with locals.

With a big and growing population of Pinoys in the U.S., it is highly likely that you will also meet a fellow kababayan, whichever state you move into.

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5. Spain

Apart from sharing a few words with their language, Spain is a convenient place to relocate in because of the Philippines’ shared history with them.

For one, while other foreigners might probably be asked to let go of their previous citizenship to become a Spanish national — Pinoys can get dual citizenship due to the Philippines being a former Spanish colony.

Aesthetically speaking, if you are a Pinoy that is very much invested into architecture, Spanish landscapes are a perfect view everyday. It is also more convenient for Pinoys to find legitimate and safe properties in Spain to live in as there are lots of government-backed agencies that offer those services.

The general quality of life and culture in Spain is leaning on the relaxed side, good for Pinoys who want a moderate lifestyle.

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