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Centro De Turismo Intramuros Elevates Tourist Experience


Centro De Turismo Intramuros Elevates Tourist Experience


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To enhance the tourist experience and educate the people, especially the younger generation, about the rich history of the Walled City of Manila, the government launched on Sunday the Centro de Turismo Intramuros.

The new tourist hub is located along Calle Arzobispo, within the ruins of San Ignacio Church.

Made possible by the efforts of the Office of the President and the Office of the First Lady and support from the Department of Tourism and Intramuros Administration, the hub features a museum that offers an immersive experience into the rich history of Intramuros.

Most of the 8,000 items came from the Intramuros Administration-managed Museo de Intramuros, most of which are ecclesiastical collections.

Exhibits and historical artifacts in the new center are aimed at taking visitors on a journey through the Walled City’s pre-colonial roots, role as a Spanish colonial center, devastation during World War II, ongoing revitalization and future development.

“The intention is to go back to our roots. Learn the history of Intramuros and be inspired by how it rose to the ashes. It went through a lot of challenges starting from the pre-colonial era until World War II,” lawyer Joan Padilla, Intramuros Administrator, told members of the media during an exclusive tour of the center.

“Now, with the ongoing efforts of the present administration, with Intramuros Administration as well, we’re hoping for a better future for Intramuros,” she added.

Padilla referred to Centro de Turismo Intramuros as an embodiment of the ideals of San Ignacio (St. Ignatius) who championed education and exploration.

The center also houses an indoor amphitheater, which could serve as event space for various functions and activities, a potential income-generating asset for the Intramuros Administration.

Meanwhile, John Paolo Castro, president of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, who headed the team that First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos tapped to lead the interior design of the center, said the project was envisioned to serve as a “first stop” where visitors may get an overview of the entire Intramuros tour.

He added that it was the First Lady who brought up the idea of making the center interactive through the use of audio-visual presentations to be able to attract younger visitors.

“That’s actually a special request of the First Lady. She wants the Filipino people to have a place where it’s interactive and to showcase to the world our history,” Castro said.

Centro de Turismo Intramuros will officially open its doors to the public on June 12, in line with the 126th Independence Day commemoration. (PNA)