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Senator Angara: Tatak Pinoy Act To Complement Philippine Development Plan


Senator Angara: Tatak Pinoy Act To Complement Philippine Development Plan


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Senator Sonny Angara on Monday welcomed the signing into law of the Tatak Pinoy Act as it will complement the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028.

In a statement, Angara said the law is a “giant leap” for the Philippines towards its goal of becoming an industrialized country.

“We thank President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for sharing our vision on Tatak Pinoy and supporting this measure. Tatak Pinoy will complement and help attain the goals set forth in the Philippine Development Plan. We also thank the leaders and members of the Senate for their support to this very important piece of legislation and to the House of Representatives for adopting our bill and swiftly approving it as a priority measure,” Angara said.

Close to five years in the making, the Tatak Pinoy Act is a product of extensive studies, research, and consultations by Angara with industry leaders, representatives of micro, small and medium enterprises, the academe, foreign institutions, and relevant government agencies for the crafting of the landmark law.

Under the Tatak Pinoy Act, there will be targeted interventions aimed at specific industries and sectors that have the potential for further growth or expansion.

A Tatak Pinoy Strategy will be formulated that will serve as the roadmap for the national government agencies, the local government units, and the private sector in attaining the goals outlined in the law.

“This will be a very comprehensive program that will start from education where we will ensure our learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to cater to the requirements of employers; embracing innovation and technology transfer to allow businesses to come up with more sophisticated and higher value goods and services; and making strategic investments to address the gaps and strengthen the foundation of all industries and its workforce,” Angara said.

To attain the objectives set forth by the Tatak Pinoy Act, the senator explained that industries will receive support for the expansion and upgrading of their operations to make them more competitive in both the global and domestic markets.

Big and small industries will be encouraged to innovate to produce higher-value products sought after by bigger markets which will result in greater income. (PNA)