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Shinagawa Brings Innovative Healthcare Services Through Its New Diagnostic Center


Shinagawa Brings Innovative Healthcare Services Through Its New Diagnostic Center


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Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center, a subsidiary of the country’s leading Lasik provider, Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics, opens its doors to the public, providing medical services centered on diagnostic testing and preventive care.

The Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center is Shinagawa’s first specialized facility of its kind across all branches. “We saw the opportunity to expand our services outside of eye care to better cater to the holistic health needs of Filipinos. With our backbone of medical experts and advanced technology, we will provide a comprehensive, all-in medical checkup and screening experience for clients of all ages,” shared Shinagawa Philippines President Masako Uemori during the grand opening.

“There was a trend already that Filipinos are more conscious of their health so we saw an opportunity to expand into healthcare,” Shinagawa’s Marketing and Business Development said.

All-inclusive health checkups

Shinagawa places proactive, preventive care at the forefront of its medical philosophy, as early detection of illnesses affords patients more time to seek effective medicines or procedures that can ultimately lessen or cure their symptoms.

The Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center offers a full lineup of comprehensive checkups, together with advanced diagnostic and imaging technology, to aid in identifying the onset of diseases. These include general examinations based on Japan’s standards inclusive of specialized imaging services such as brain exams (MRI/MRA), full body exams (CT scan), digestive scans (ultrasound and endoscopy), women’s exams (mammography and ultrasound), as well as an in-house laboratory that can release test results on the same day.

Individuals and organizations alike can welcome Shinagawa as their partner in health, as the Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center offers a complete portfolio of medical examinations and diagnostics services.

Besides being innovative, Shinagawa shared that their MRI technology encompasses environmental-friendly materials as it is a helium-free device compared to other technology available in other local hospitals.

Hassle-free checkups

Patients can expect a streamlined experience from booking to undergoing procedures, to claiming results. Booking an appointment can be done by visiting the Shinagawa website which includes a live chat feature and a patient portal to create one’s profile to track appointments, results, and other pertinent information.

Once the appointment has been confirmed, patients will be given all of the information needed to guide them through each exam.

With the ease of use for maximum patient comfort in mind, the Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center was designed so that each patient will simply go around the facility with clear directions.

On the 8th floor, patients can find a lounge for patients and their companions, as well as facilities for a few medical tests (CT scan, MRI, endoscopy). The rest of the general medical checkups (right wing), as well as the women’s exams (left wing), are conducted on the 23rd floor.

“With Shinagawa, your regular exam, in a half day, you’ll have a full body exam already. It includes not just things that we do here in the Philippines, but we also have transnasal endoscopy and we’re also offering abdominal ultrasound that’s going to be part already of your routine exam,” Shinagawa’s Marketing and Business Development explained.

Apart from the screening and imaging tests, Shinagawa also practices double reading and consultation with Japanese medical experts to ensure high precision of diagnosis and treatment plans. Patients can expect no waiting time as the Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center delivers same-day results. This is made possible through the Japanese Health Checkup Information System, which increases operational efficiency.

The Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center is in the process of obtaining accreditation with all major HMO providers in the country to make its services more convenient. “Shinagawa continues its commitment to making quality, world-class healthcare accessible for Filipinos through expanding our roster of HMO partners,” said Masako.

During the grand launch, Filipino artists Sanya Lopez, Ellen Adarna, and vlogger Janina Vela were present to also view Shinagawa’s innovative services.

The Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center is located at 8/F and 23/F Ore Central Building, 9th Avenue, cor 31st Street, BGC, Taguig City. Those who are interested can learn more by visiting the official website at