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Things To Do In This Year’s La Trinidad Strawberry Festival


Things To Do In This Year’s La Trinidad Strawberry Festival


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Welcome to the ultimate guide for this year’s La Trinidad Strawberry Festival! If you’re looking for a fun-filled event to attend, then you’re in the right place. La Trinidad, located in Benguet, Philippines, is famous for its delicious strawberries and vibrant culture, and the annual Strawberry Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience both.

During the festival, you can expect a wide range of activities to enjoy, from sampling freshly picked strawberries to participating in exciting events like strawberry-eating contests and street parades. But that’s not all—there’s so much more to see and do!

Explore the local market stalls selling a variety of strawberry-themed products, from jams and pastries to souvenirs and crafts. Don’t forget to capture the colorful sights and sounds of the festival by taking plenty of photos and videos to share with your friends and family.

Whether you’re a foodie, a culture enthusiast, or just looking for a good time, the La Trinidad Strawberry Festival has something for everyone. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the strawberry capital of the Philippines!

Search for the Sweetest and Biggest Strawberry

Take on an exciting journey searching for the biggest and sweetest strawberry to kick off your exploration of the Strawberry Festival. Proudly displaying their highly-valued berries, they cordially invite guests to partake in an exceptional tasting experience. This competition is more than just a search for the ideal strawberry; it’s a tribute to La Trinidad’s agricultural history and the passion of the farmers who raise these vibrant colors and beauties.

Duting Tan Dukto

One special feature of the Strawberry Festival in La Trinidad is “Duting Tan Dukto,” the community breakfast that is well-known for bringing large crowds. This reasonably priced yet satisfying meal starts off with a thrilling fun run that transforms the closed highway into a bustling course for runners of all ages. “Duting Tan Dukto” adds a layer of excitement and togetherness to this annual celebration of wellness and emotional support, making it a sensible and essential element of the Strawberry Festival experience.

Art Contest

Take in the vibrant artistic scene of La Trinidad with their art contest. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of creativity as talented local artists present their works, each with a distinct subject that captures the spirit of the inspiration that inspired them. The festival grounds experience an incredible transformation, becoming a lively community display honoring La Trinidad’s rich artistic legacy and creative culture. Admire the creativity and talent on exhibit as the artists realize their ideals, transforming the festival into a living artwork that embodies the spirit of expression and innovation.

Concert at the Park

The lively concert at the park brings celebrations to the event as the sun sets over La Trinidad’s beautiful scenery. A symphony of joy and harmony fills the town during this delightful event, which brings together both local talents and visiting performers who grace the stage with their musical prowess. The Concert in the Park invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rhythms and melodies that define the heart and soul of the country through captivating cultural performances and captivating traditional dances. In addition, the experience is made more enjoyable by live performances by well-known Filipino performers, who give guests the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the park while admiring the musical prowess of their favorite songs. With its blend of captivating performances and picturesque surroundings, the Concert at the Park promises an unforgettable evening filled with music, culture, and camaraderie.

The Grand Parade and Float Competition

Make sure you don’t miss the spectacular Grand Parade and Float Competition, which is a festival highlight and promises to be a visual feast with colorful floats decorated with extravagant decorations and wonderful strawberries. Take in the vibrant atmosphere as the entire town comes to life for the float parade, turning into a rainbow of colors. The celebrations go beyond just eye candy, as there will be engaging street dancing and thrilling drum and lyre performances that will transform the streets into an energetic venue. This diverse celebration ensures that attendees will have a wonderful time, with a symphony of joy and excitement created by the combination of creative exhibits and rhythmic performances.

Strawberry Cake Fest

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Strawberry Cake Fest, where you can feast your eyes and taste buds on the La Trinidad Giant Strawberry Cake. This culinary wonder, made with over 600 kg of strawberries, is a must-try treat that perfectly captures the essence of La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival. This delightful event is not just limited to a select few; it is designed to cater to more than a thousand people, ensuring a sweet and memorable experience for all attendees.

All the senses are stimulated during the Strawberry Festival, offering a lovely getaway into a world of sweetness and joy. So, make sure to put the Strawberry Festival on your calendars, get your loved ones together, and get ready to enjoy the reddest, juiciest celebration of summer—a delightful getaway that will leave you feeling incredibly delighted and satisfied.

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