Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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The Talk

Every Man Who Has Loved “Emily In Paris”

Before the newest season of Emily in Paris airs, let's look back at the gorgeous men that she almost dated.

The La Primera Contravida: Remembering Cherie Gil’s Most Iconic Roles

It is time to recall some of her best work on screen.

Bed Weather: Here’s How You Can Stay Productive During Rainy Days

You can actually make the most of your lazy days this rainy season.

How To Keep The Bad Luck Away This Ghost Month

There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

Back In Style: Layered Haircuts Might Be Your Next Go-To For Your Everyday Look

The Rachel is back and you might want to join the trend.

Milk Tea Madness: Why Do Filipinos Love Milk Tea So Much?

Pinoys obsession with this sugary drink is level 100%.

Filipinx: What Does It Mean And Why Do People Rarely Use This Term?

Are you a Filipino or do you prefer to be called a Filipinx?

5 P-Pop Groups You Can Check Out To Start Your Ultimate Pinoy Fan Journey

Embrace the Pinoy in you by supporting these local talents worth stanning and cheering for.

6 Ways To Emotionally Recover And Move On From Being Ghosted

Amid the controversy that “ghosting” could become a serious offense, it is truly your duty to protect yourself from the person who ghosted you.

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