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Plan Your Valentine’s Date With These Fun And Affordable Activities With Your Lover


Plan Your Valentine’s Date With These Fun And Affordable Activities With Your Lover

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The start of February does not only signify the start of a new month but also a time when couples are already planning their Valentine’s Day dates this year.

Planning a date can be a dilemma for some because of their budget, but don’t worry because here are some activities that you can enjoy with your partner that are fun and affordable.

1. Bike ride along Intramuros

Cycling is one of the most underrated dates to enjoy with your lover.

If you want to wander around with your partner while riding a bike, you can visit Intramuros, as they allow visitors to roam around the area while riding bicycles.

But if you don’t own one, you can visit a local place in Intramuros that offers bamboo bike rentals to stroll around the historical places in the area.

2. Chill date at local coffee shops

Nothing beats coffee while having heart-to-heart talks with your lover at your favorite coffee spot.

Your date this Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be somewhere that is too far away to visit. You can always hang out at your local coffee shop and chill with your partner.

This kind of Valentine’s date is perfect for people who always have a tight schedule because they can have more peaceful quality time with their partner after a long time.

3. Movie date at home

Do you want to stay indoors this Valentine’s Day? Then you should plan a movie date with your lover at home to make it more convenient for the both of you!

To make it more fun and exciting, you can cook a meal with your partner, wherein you can plan your dishes from appetizers to desserts.

Afterwards, you can list movies that you will watch while enjoying the food that you’ve made.

4. Picnic date

Nothing could go wrong when it comes to park dates. Having picnic dates makes you appreciate not only your time with your loved one but also the beautiful landscapes and nature’s sounds.

This kind of date is also affordable because you will have the choice to bring your own food while enjoying the fresh breeze in the park.

You can also take cute photos with your partner because the lighting outside is much better than indoors!

5. Museum hopping

This date is perfect for people who are artsy or couples who just want to see beautiful artwork.

Here in the Philippines, there are numerous museums that you can visit.

In Manila alone, there are four sections of the National Museum, namely the National Museum of Anthropology, the National Museum of National History, the National Museum of Arts, and the Planetarium.

The best part of visiting museums is that most of them are free! As the country encourages Filipinos to have more insights about national history, the government applies free of charge to some of the museums.

All of these budget-friendly dates are proof that you can enjoy your special day without overspending.

If your partner really appreciates you, spending time with each other will always be the essence of Valentine’s Day, rather than spending too much money on a grand date.

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