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Celebrating Creativity And Excellence At STI Tagisan Ng Talino At Sining


Celebrating Creativity And Excellence At STI Tagisan Ng Talino At Sining


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Building on its triumphant return last year, the STI Tagisan ng Talino (TNT) and Tagisan ng Sining (TNS) continued to set new benchmarks with the successful 2024 national round held at the STI Academic Center Legazpi in Albay.

Students from eight clusters showcased their creativity, exceptional skills, and sportsmanship as they competed across various categories.

A Showcase of Talents and Skills

The Mix ‘N Flair Flairtending Competition dazzled audiences with contestants’ creative tequila mixes and bar flairtending routines. Culinary expertise was on full display in the Chef Xpress Cooking Competition, where participants prepared, cooked, and plated a three-course meal.

The All-in-Place Table Setting Competition challenged students to demonstrate their proficiency in formal dinner arrangements and complex table scenarios. Meanwhile, the Worth the Whisk Cake Decorating Competition celebrated Filipino culinary heritage with a Filipino Dessert Extravaganza-themed cake.

General knowledge was put to the test in the Think Quest Team Quiz Competition, while programming skills shone in Codefest, a 36-hour mobile app hackathon hosted at STI College Ortigas-Cainta.

In the Stand Up and Deliver Speech Competition, contestants addressed the question, “How do challenges contribute to personal growth and development?” with insightful speeches. The Essay Does It! Essay Writing Competition saw aspiring writers embracing individuality to promote unity.

Tourism Management students captivated audiences with their guiding skills in Travelogue, taking them on a simulated journey to Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila.

Beyond Classroom Lessons

As a leading provider of quality education, STI College combines traditional learning, hands-on experiences, and character-building activities to prepare graduates for the future and nurture well-rounded individuals.

“The experience was thrilling,” said Caryll Del Rosario, 2nd Runner-up in the Travelogue competition. “I’m taking it as an opportunity for growth and better experience,” added the Grade 12 Tourism Operations student.

“Events like these are essential for aspiring professionals as they bring out the best performance under pressure,” remarked Xellever Miro Abatol, part of the Think Quest winning team from STI College Tagum.

Events like TNT provide students with opportunities to apply classroom skills in real-world scenarios. “The TNT serves as a medium for our students to practice their skills and connect with peers through healthy competition that promotes camaraderie and sportsmanship,” said Ferdie T. Dantes, STI’s Assistant Vice President for Academics.

Visit for the complete list of winners.

A Vibrant Display of Creativity

STI students also showcased their storytelling talent and creativity in the STI Tagisan ng Sining (TNS) competitions. Over a hundred entries captivated audiences in the Director’s Cut Videomaking Competition and Shutter’s Best Photography Competition, featuring powerful narratives and striking images celebrating diversity and individuality.

The Director’s Cut Videomaking Competition included 59 groups from STI campuses nationwide, producing short films on the theme “Who I Am,” exploring personal journeys of self-discovery and overcoming challenges.

In the Shutter’s Best Photography Competition, students captured unique perspectives on overcoming limitations and maximizing strengths with the theme “Vibeshift.”

“Participating in the TNS competition provided not only a platform to compete but also valuable learning experiences,” said Jun Erlano, champion of the Shutter’s Best competition.

Like the TNT, the TNS has become an annual tradition, offering students opportunities to harness creativity and practice skills in real-life situations.

“The goal is to engage students, elevate their skills, and help them reflect on who they are and embrace their uniqueness,” added Dantes.

Visit to view the winning entries.