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Central Luzon Still PH’s Top Producer Of Chicken, Duck In Q1


Central Luzon Still PH’s Top Producer Of Chicken, Duck In Q1

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Central Luzon has remained the top chicken-producing region in the country during the first quarter of the year, the latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed.

The region’s total chicken production from January to March 2023 was estimated at 162.44 thousand metric tons (live weight), contributing 34.5 percent of the country’s total chicken output.

The figures, however, were a bit lower by 5.19 thousand metric tons compared with the same period of the previous year which was 167.63 thousand metric tons.

As of March 31 this year, the region’s total chicken inventory was estimated at 33.75 million birds, which accounted for 17.26 percent of the country’s total inventory during the period.

Broiler chicken inventory was also highest in Central Luzon with 18.03 million birds.

Also, the region posted as the top producer of ducks in the country from January to March this year, with 1.48 thousand metric tons (live weight) or 23.6 percent share of the country’s total duck production.

The region also recorded the highest duck population at 5.25 million as of March 31.

Likewise, Central Luzon was the top producer of duck eggs in the first quarter of the year at 7.74 thousand metric tons, contributing 57.9 percent share to the country’s total duck egg production of 13.36 thousand metric tons.

The region recorded the highest duck-laying flock population of 3.69 million birds during the period.

The PSA also reported that Central Luzon was among the top five regions with the highest volume of chicken egg production in the first quarter of the year.

Calabarzon was the top producer of chicken eggs with 57.71 thousand metric tons, followed by Central Luzon with 33.82 thousand metric tons.

PSA Regional Director Arlene Divino said on Thursday that Central Luzon had consistently been the country’s top chicken producer in the past years.

“Chicken production soared in January-March 2023, reaching 470.21 thousand metric tons, live weight, marking a 3.3 percent annual growth. Central Luzon took the lead with 34.5 percent and hopefully, the growth in chicken production will continue throughout the year amid the continuing challenges brought by avian bird flu as demand picks up following the re-opening of the economy,” Divino said in a statement. (PNA)

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