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Former OFWs Share Success Story On Becoming Millionaires


Former OFWs Share Success Story On Becoming Millionaires


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Who would have thought that a former OFW can find success on social media?

That is the story of vlogger Bernie Batin or better known as @berniecularvlogs whose moniker, “pinakamasungit na tindera sa social media,” helped catapult him to fame. This Saturday (Sept 16) at 5 pm on “My Puhunan,” Bernie opens up about how being genuinely funny made him one of the top vloggers in the country.

Because of his relatable and funny content, Bernie now has over five million followers on TikTok. He also has one million followers on Facebook and 245,000 subscribers on YouTube. Bernie’s career as a vlogger also enabled him to finally have his own dream house.

Meanwhile, another former OFW also shares his triumphant transition as an entrepreneur. Life was hard from the start for Eric Tiongson who used to be a ‘takatak boy’ in jeepneys as a kid. When he was given an opportunity to fly abroad, he grabbed the chance to work in Saudi Arabia and later in South Korea.

Because of his ambition to save up for the future, Eric and his wife even became TNTs (Tago ng Tago) in South Korea until they were caught and had to return to the Philippines. Using his savings as an OFW, Eric got to build his own house, which he decided to sell. This prompted him to establish E. Tiongson Builders, his buy and sell business. Now, Eric has sold 28 houses in just seven years, making him a millionaire.

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