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This Couple Walks An Extraordinary Adventure To Strengthen Their Marriage


This Couple Walks An Extraordinary Adventure To Strengthen Their Marriage


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Jay and Mira Abrera, a married couple from Batangas City, went on an extraordinary adventure—a 146-day walking journey across the Philippines.

They shared with the PhilSTAR L!fe that their goal was simple and that is to strengthen their marriage and inspire others with their journey. This all started when they joined a Facebook group dedicated to exploring the Philippines and decided to travel on foot, unlike most members who used vehicles.

Their journey was about more than just covering distance; it was about sharing a message of resilience and commitment as a married couple. They interacted with people from various backgrounds, sharing their experiences and spreading the message that love can overcome any challenge.

Despite facing scorching temperatures and unprecedented rainfall during their travels, Jay and Mira remained dedicated to their mission. They believed that love could conquer all, even in difficult circumstances.

Starting in Batangas City, they traveled to many destinations across the country. Each step brought them closer to their goal. Their journey has inspired many, showing the power of love to inspire change.

As they continue towards General Santos City, Jay and Mira’s story reminds us of the possibilities that await those who pursue their dreams with determination. Upon completing this challenge, they aspire to take their journey international.

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