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BGC’s Teaser On Banksy’s MET Exhibit Sparks Online Controversy


BGC’s Teaser On Banksy’s MET Exhibit Sparks Online Controversy


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The upcoming Banksy Universe art exhibit in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) has sparked excitement among many. However, a few have noted a disconnect between the artist’s artistic principles and the approach taken by the city management.

Prior to the conflict, BGC shared a sneak peek of the Banksy Universe art exhibit scheduled for The Met Museum, on Monday April 22.

In a now edited post of BGC’s Facebook page, it wrote:
‘Spraying soon. Art is not a crime,’ as a tease for the upcoming art exhibition.

The online community was quick to inquire whether it is now permitted to paint murals around BGC’s walls, which BGC responded with, “We do not condone any form of vandalism around BGC. All our wall art, murals, and exhibits are pre-approved and permitted.”

A netizen reached out to Banksy’s licensing company, named as Pest Control Team, Banksy’s paperwork office, claiming that he was skeptical about the exhibition considering that, according to Banksy’s fans, the artist would never announce where they would make art. Hence, the reason why he contacted them.

After a netizen reached out to Pest Control, they asserted that the artist’s work is “not involved or associated.” With any display of Banksy’s art in various countries, netizens put Bonifacio Global City (BGC) under fire for its promotion of the art exhibit.

BGC then edited its comment, and clarified that the Banksy Universe will just be an exhibition at The Met Museum, and that “art murals and executions in and around BGC remain to be curated and permitted.”

Netizens voiced concerns to the exhibit’s organizers, pointing out what they regarded as BGC’s response to the commenters. Some argued that this approach contradicted the core of Banksy’s art, which frequently explores sociopolitical concerns, such as capitalism.

Netizens also questioned whether the exhibit was permitted by Banksy and authenticated by his group.

It is unclear whether the art exhibit will push through despite the controversy it raises in the community.

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