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Next On Your Bucket List: 8 Underrated, Lesser-Known Beaches In PH

Next On Your Bucket List: 8 Underrated, Lesser-Known Beaches In PH


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Many foreign travelers flock to Boracay and Palawan to see what the hype is about (and for a good reason; those beaches are amazing), but they can easily get crowded as they are the go-to spots for locals as well.

Now, imagine the most beautiful, romantic, or peaceful summer vacation you could possibly go on—then imagine enjoying the beach with not a single soul in sight. It may seem impossible, but with these under-the-radar destinations, you can!

There may be fewer people and nightlife activities, but they make up for it with their pristine waters and stunning views.

Avoid tourist overload with this guide to lesser-known beaches in the Philippines.

1. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Dubbed as the “The Crown Jewel” of Leyte, Kalanggaman is known for its turquoise water, white powdery sand, and long sandbars stretching on both sides of the island. It is the perfect postcard picture of a paradise island.

To get there from Manila, book a flight to Ormoc airport and take a ride to Palompon. From there, go to the Town Ecotourism office and rent a boat to the island. If you’re coming from Tacloban, you can take a 3-hour van ride to Palompon.

2. Casapsapan Beach, Aurora

Casapsapan Beach is considered one of the least explored areas in the province because of its distance. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the town has preserved its rawness and maintained its pristine waters and fine sands! Aside from the beach, you can enjoy the view of virgin mangrove forests during your stay.

To get there from Baler, you can take a bus bound for Casiguran, where you’ll find trikes that can take you to Casapsapan.

3. Bonbon Beach, Romblon

Bonbon Beach is the most beautiful beach in Romblon and is arguably one of the most amazing stretches of white sand in the world. Boasting a unique sandbar and waist-deep turquoise waters, this hidden paradise looks too good to be true!

Although privately owned by one of the locals, tourists and residents of Romblon Island are free to roam the area, as long as they respect the island.

To visit Bonbon from Manila, you can catch a flight to Tablas, Romblon. From there, you can take either a jeepney or a minivan to San Agustín. After a boat trip to Romblon’s capital, the beach is a 5-minute drive from there.

4. Mahabang Buhangin, Camarines Norte

Calaguas is a gem of an island in the Pacific Ocean, and Calaguas boasts powdery white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and unspoiled natural resources. The Mahabang Buhangin beach is “popular” among backpackers and sunseekers and has been described as a “mini Boracay sans the commercialization.”

To get there from Manila, you can take the Manila-Daet route or a private vehicle for a scenic drive with a travel time of 6-7 hours. By air, book a flight to Naga City airport, then take a 2-hour land trip to Daet.

5. Dicasalarin Cove, Baler

Dicasalarin Cove is a tiny speck of paradise hidden between the lush greens of the Sierra Madre and the vivid blues of the Pacific Ocean. It boasts white sand and calm waters, beautiful rocks, and an enchanting hidden cave.

You can get there by taking a five-hour bus ride from Cubao to Baler, then a trike to Costa Pacifica, and finally a ride to Dicasalarin.

6. Puraran Beach, Catanduanes

If you’re more of a sporty, wave-surfer type of person, then you should not pass on the opportunity to visit Puraran Beach! Facing straight into the Pacific Ocean, the beach has creamy golden sand, clear waves, and colorful coral reefs.

Expect to be greeted by bigger waves from September to October, while February to June are the ideal times for beginners. If you’re not into surfing, though, you can still enjoy the idyllic ambiance and relax with a beautiful landscape view.

To get there, take a flight to Virac airport, then head to the seaport via trike. After that, take a van going to Puraran Beach Resort.

7. Aliguay Island, Zamboanga del Norte

It’s time to fulfill your dream of living the island life and visit Aliguay to experience a beautiful sunrise on the creamy white sand and heavenly blue waters! You can also enjoy other beach activities such as bike tours and scuba diving around the island. The site is almost never crowded as tourists need to coordinate setup at the Dapitan City Tourism Office before going. It is also an established marine sanctuary under the custody of the Philippine Navy.

To go there, you can take a boat from Dakak Port; Taguilon Port in Dapitan City; Dipolog River Park in Dipolog City; or at Dampa at Inato Lang.

8. Bitaog Beach, Dinagat Islands

If you can’t get enough of white sand beaches, you will totally enjoy the unspoilt Bitaog Beach. It is a secluded and private island, so you could definitely have some peace and quiet while being in paradise. Aside from the powdery white sand, you also get to be surrounded by majestic rock formations.

To get here from Cebu, take a flight to Surigao City. From there, take a boat at the pier bound for Basilisa, Dinagat Islands.

Have you picked which destination you want to visit? If so, then what are you waiting for? Pack your bikinis, buy some sunscreen, and plan your next getaway to these hidden beaches, away from the crowds!

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