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Viñas Deluxe’s “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” Hits Half A Million Combined Streams


Viñas Deluxe’s “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” Hits Half A Million Combined Streams

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Drag Pop Misis Viñas Deluxe achieves another milestone as her debut single “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” hits almost half a million combined streams on multiple platforms while her stellar performance at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles, California earns her massive praise from the drag community.

Earlier this year, the Tarsier Records artist released her rendition of Chona Cruz’s hit single “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” in which she produced the campy and playful music video with the help of creative director Ejay Dimayacyac. The upbeat dance track marks her first release as a recording artist.

She continued to make waves with her stint on RuPaul’s DragCon where she performed along with other well-known drag artists last May 12 and 13. Viñas impersonated Mariah Carey’s performance of “We Belong Together” at the 2006 Grammy Awards by mimicking her hand gestures and facial expressions.

Her performance has so far garnered over a million views on TikTok which generated numerous praise for her impressive impersonation.

“I am obsessed by this performance and the crowd’s gone wild. Vinas Deluxe made sure the audience saw every word that’s coming from her mouth as if she was Mariah Carey herself. Every inch of the moves was on point,” said Godzini27.

“It’s not easy reciting exact hand choreography. Not everybody has that to their credit,” commented Stevie Tea.

Aside from her musicality, Viñas is also set to showcase her acting skills in the upcoming IWantTFC series “Drag You and Me” along with Andrea Brillantes, Christian Bables, and JC Alcantara.

Celebrate self-love with Viñas’ rendition of “I’m Feeling Sexy Tonight” available on various music streaming platforms and watch its music video on ABS-CBN Music YouTube channel.

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